We are a community project that strives to give basic care and love to all in need, particularly orphaned children, widows and the poor in the communities. Many children in this area are orphaned due to poverty and disease. Most of the orphans live with a guardian, but we have found that some of these guardians are either very old grandparents or poor relatives, struggling to raise these children in a very harsh environment. Some of them live in mud huts that are dilapidated. Currently, there are 7 children residing at the orphanage.

The Project is in Tanzania, East Africa in the Ugweno valley of the North Pare Mountains, with a spectacular view of Mt Kilimanjaro to the north. Encompassing the Villages of Kwanyange, Kivisini and beyond, the Project is 20 minutes drive from the little town of Kifaru and 45 minutes from the district town of Mwanga. The nearest large town is Moshi, 1 ½ hours away.

Nyota means Star in Kiswahili language so we used both languages to name our Project – thus the name translates from Swahili to English as StarStar!
Jesus said, “I am the Root and the Offspring of David and the Bright and Morning Star.” Rev 22:16

At the project, the Matron has full responsibility and is very close and loving to all the children. The Matron and the Community Manager give the children health checks and make an assessment of their home life. Some of the primary school children come from very poor homes. It is necessary to meet their needs by providing them with uniforms and school items. All needs and reports are forwarded to the project’s Managing Director and the Child Welfare Officer in Tanzania.

The community children come to the orphanage every Saturday. Together they attend Bible studies conducted by the resident Pastor. They sing hymns and afterwards and they share a simple meal. They then have games and recreation in the grounds.

This care has alleviated a lot of suffering and has given the parents or guardians hope. There are basic medical clinics in the villages, but there is a clear need for a small hospital as the nearest hospitals are over 40 miles away, and there is no public transport for any emergencies.

We have up to 70 children who come to the Centre on Saturdays. They are from all around the valley up to over 12 kilometres away, and they walk there and back. We have simple play areas and a play field with swings and other ball games. The orphans of the valley live at home with their guardians, but we have found that most of the guardians are very old and poor grandparents. Some live with their aunties and uncles or brothers and sisters. Widows are very poor and struggling to bring the children up; they live in mud huts which are dilapidated, with roofs that leak when it rains.

There is no employment or public transport in the valley for people to travel daily or regularly to the towns for employment. The majority of the people are very poor, relying on tilling their plots of land for food and all necessities. The land is semi-arid and has poor soil. There are droughts that can last as long as 3 years, causing death to livestock and poverty to inhabitants. The nearest town is only very small.

The majority of our children are those in nursery school (up to 35 in number). Government Primary School starts at age 7, so we have found it necessary to open a nursery school at the Project so that the little ones from as young as 2 ½ years old can attend, Monday to Friday. We have employed a capable, salaried teacher trained for nursery school. This releases guardians/parents to go and find food and do other chores. The children learn basic reading and writing at this early age, but are also given a simple meal before they go home in the afternoon.

On Saturdays they all come together with the Primary School children for recreation and social activities. The Christian children receive Bible Studies and they praise and worship God. We have a resident Pastor who lives in the premises and takes care of the community church that is in operation at the Project. Our children are multicultural and multi faith. All are treated equally and are loved very much.

Founders:Victor and Elvida Hildyard.
Managing Director:Solomon Daudi.
Child Welfare Officer:Mrs Gladys Daudi.Trustees:
Victor Hildyard, Elvida Hildyard, Penelope Bailey., Eva Trkulja.,
Momcilo Trkulja., Denise Gordon. & David Exley.

NyotaStar Christian Centre 249 Main Road
United Kingdom


Registered Charity UK No:1121601


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