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Welcome to Africa Travel Bureau

From witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti, to hiking Mt Kilimanjaro, no matter which tour you choose, at Africa Travel Bureau, we'll ensure that it will be an experience of a lifetime!We are an Authorised Tour Operator with Licience Class A, Reg No:105426, and accredited member of Tanzania Tourist Board and Tanzania Association of Tour Operators

Why Choose Africa Travel Bureau?

Unsure whether Africa Travel Bureau are the right people to take you on your experience of a lifetime to Tanzania? Here are a couple of highlights to show you why.

Safaris of Distinction

Over 30 years of experience in planning safari holidays.

Best rates and instant availability

Is the hallmark of our services and out pledge to our clients.

Wide range of services

We have a wide selection of services, created through extensive research and designed to suit different budgets and style.

Professional guides

We have highly professional guides and maintain a fleet of new vehicles customized for maximum comfort and safety while on safari.

Our Mission

Our Mission

As a leading Tanzania Tour Operator, we create unique and socially responsible East African holiday experiences, providing a superior level of client satisfaction and communication.

Love for Africa

When you love our continent, Africa, as much as we do, you feel compelled to share that passion. That’s why it has been a joy to welcome guests to our incredible continent for many years. For us, it is not just about showing you wildlife; it’s also about understanding our people and culture and the efforts that are underway to conserve our habitats and protect these endangered animals. Our expert safari guides, rangers, and excellent guides leadership team are well-versed in the geography and wildlife, and freely share that knowledge to enhance your African safari holiday experience. You will experience Africa through their eyes and reveal a hidden side of the wildlife. We have cultivated great relationships with the local people, including the Maasai, Datoga and Bushman. They will welcome you warmly and provide a unique opportunity for cultural exploration and exchange.

Who We Are

Africa Travel Bureau is a safari company specialized in tailor-made private safaris in Tanzania. We customize each holiday or trip to suit your wishes. Whether you want to experience the ultimate safari, a relax beach holiday or trek to the roof of Africa by climbing the Kilimanjaro, it is all possible. The only limit is your imagination.

Only the best specialists

Africa Travel Bureau is naturally head of the class when it comes to travel planning because we do more homework than anyone else. Each of our specialist partners undergoes rigorous screening before they can join our network. They get extra coaching to keep their services at world-leading levels. And they must show, on every trip, that our guests give them top grades for their hard work and creativity.

The people who know best

There’s no easy way to say it: unless you are traveling with one of our specialists, you simply won’t get the depth of experience — the wisest guides, the closest wilderness encounters, the real people and events — that spell the difference between a regular package tour and a sublime, once-in-a-lifetime vacation. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to our travelers.

What We Offer

Luxury Safari

Luxuriy Safari

More style and more comfort

Luxury Accommodated Safaris use stylish and more comfortable lodges and camps with a higher standard. En-suite bathrooms. Breakfast and dinner will be provided at the lodges and camps and roadside picnic lunches on traveling days. These safaris are non-participation.

Small Group Safari

Small Group Safari

Guaranteed scheduled departures from 1 person only to maximum 6 persons

Scheduled departure date safaris for small groups offering outstanding game viewing in Tanzania’s highlight wildlife parks and conservation areas. These safaris are non-participation.

Guaranteed scheduled departures from 1 person only to maximum 6 persons

Scheduled departure date safaris for small groups offering outstanding game viewing in Tanzania’s highlight wildlife parks and conservation areas. These safaris are non-participation.

Private / Family Safari

Private / Family Safari

these are special and tailor made guided safaris

An expertly planned itinerary to explore the country. As a tailor made tour operator, we understand that people have individual needs and wishes which can differ from other people’s needs and expectation. This is why we offer private tours for individual,
couple or family with similar needs. These safaris are non-participation.

Add on Safari

Add on Safari

Fill in your few days before or after your safari with our add-on safari modules.

We have available an interesting selection of pre and post safari add-on modules. These safaris are non-participation.

Group Escorted Safari

Group Escorted Safari

Organized groups from maximum 12 Persons

Your travel with an experienced German-speaking tour escort / leader, from/to Europe and a maximum of 12 persons in 2 safari vehicles, visiting the highlight wildlife parks as well as other seldom visited conservation and cultural areas of Tanzania, and including special activities. These safaris are non-participation.

Weeding & Honeymoon Safari

Weeding & Honeymoon Safari

magical wedding | a special honeymoon in the beautiful coasts of Zanzibar

With its history, tradition and culture, white sandy beaches, coconut palms, Zanzibar is the ideal beach wedding destination.These safaris are non-participation.

Adventure Camping Safari

Adventure Camping Safari

Experience semi-participating camping safaris with Africa Travel Bureau

Adventure Camping Safaris are suited for the adventure traveler – roughing it under the stars – bush experience – close to nature. You are accompanied by a German/English-speaking driver/guide and an English-speaking safari cook Africa Travel Bureau supplies all the camping equipment with the exception of your sleeping bag and pillow (available for rent), who will prepare three wholesome meals a day, using fresh ingredients, and enjoyed in the open under the star-lit African skies.

Camping equipment is transported in your safari vehicle. A backpack or duffel or 15 kg per person is allowed. All extras can be stored at Karibu Heritage house in Arusha. Camping equipment comprises comfortable small 2-person walk-in tents with a sewn-in ground sheet and mesh on each window that keep off any insects and roll-out mats, camp beds, 2-inch mattresses,pillows, folding dining table and folding chairs. Sleeping bags are available for rent. As semi-participating safaris, you will be required to participate in putting up and taking down your tent, packing and unpacking the safari vehicle and some help with the meals on the safari as well as cleaning up after the meal.

Fly in Safari

Fly in Safari

find a way to navigate to all the parks through scheduled local flights

Ideal for travelers with limited time and especially visiting the more remote wildlife parks of Tanzania’s South and Western safari destinations. These safaris are non-participation.

Welcome to the Serengeti to Witness The Great Migration; the greatest show on the Planet

1.2 MILLION Wildebeest migrate annually covering 1000 KILOMETERS in a circular trek

Video courtesy of "Free Documentary" youtube Channel

The earth vibrates with the thundering of millions of hooves as heaving herds of wildebeest, zebra and gazelles fill the plains to chase the rains in the epic annual struggle for survival known as the Great Migration. It is the greatest show on earth, a natural spectacle like no other and a life-changing experience. With a presence all along the Great Wildebeest Migration route, Asilia will transport you to the best seat in the house.

Few lifetime experiences can beat that of watching over a million wildebeest plus hundreds of thousands of gazelles and zebra – followed by their predators – embark on a 1 000km-long circular trek through the unfenced Maasai Mara and Serengeti in search of seasonal pasture and water. This natural spectacle is both thrilling and profoundly moving.

The annual Wildebeest Migration is a drama in two acts: the arresting dash for freedom as the herds swarm across the Mara and other rivers in the north – braving enormous Nile crocodiles, lion, hyena, cheetah and leopard – in search of water and new grazing, followed by the remarkable months of calving in the lush grasslands of the south. The Great Migration can also be split up into two main parts; the Serengeti Migration as well as the Maasai Mara Migration. To get a better understanding of where the herds move, or if you’ve ever found yourself asking the question, “Where is the Serengeti Migration?”, you can have a look at our interactive Wildebeest Migration Map.

It is the largest herd movement of animals on the planet. In fact, with up to 1 000 animals per km2, it can be seen from space. The numbers are astonishing: over 1,2 million wildebeest and 300 000 zebra along with topi and other gazelle move in a constant cycle through the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem in search of nutritious grass and water. Guided by survival instinct, each wildebeest will cover 800 to 1 000km on its individual journey along age-old migration routes. Hungry predators – lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, wild dog and crocs – make sure only the strongest survive.

It is thought that rainfall over 50km away can trigger the start of the mass movement – perhaps through smell or the recognition of thunder and lightening on the horizon. The circuit takes the animals from the Ngongorogoro Conservation Area in the south of the Serengeti in Tanzania, up through the Serengeti and across into the Maasai Mara, and back again. The journey is beset with danger: young calves are snatched by predators, the slow are brought down by prides of lion, brave beasts break legs on steep river slopes, crocodiles take their share of the stragglers, and the weak and exhausted drown.

December to March:

The herds congregate near Lake Ndutu in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. An estimated 500 000 calves are born during a two- to three-week window in February. This mass calving draws many predators. The area consists of plains of short grass, which contains lots of calcium and is the perfect nutrition for lactating mothers and young babies.

April to May

As the rains come to an end and the ground dries, the herds start making their way north into the Southern Serengeti. They graze and move slowly as they have their young calves travelling with them and the grass is still fresh.


May is the mating season for wildebeest and the males do fierce battle for a mate. Throughout the rut, the journey continues as some herds head west into the Western Corridor and cross the Grumeti River.


he herds head towards the north of the Serengeti. The river crossings, considered by some the most exciting events of the Great Migration, usually start in July, but timing all depends on the rains.

August to October

The herds can be found in the Northern Serengeti as well as in Kenya’s Maasai Mara. Daily river crossings can be seen at the Mara and Talek rivers. This is often the base of the most exciting crossings!


The herds usually cross back to the Serengeti from the Mara and head towards the now fertile Ndutu Area. The herds travel fast and cover long distances in a single day. By the beginning of December, Ndutu starts seeing the herds return to calve, and for the whole process begins again.

Our Best Safari Deals with Complimentaries 2019/2020

Tanzania Northern Highlights (TNH): 7-days group tour from/to Arusha

Early Bird Special Offer on bookings made 6 months in advance:


  • Pre-Tanzania Northern Highlights (TNH) one extra night on full board at Karibu Heritage House with non-private (shared) half day game drive and half day walking safari in Arusha NP (t&c’s apply).

Tanzania Wilderness Highlights (TWH): 13-days private tour from/to Arusha

Early Bird Special Offer on bookings made 6 months in advance:


  • Pre or post-Tanzania Wilderness Highlights (TWH) one extra night on full board at Karibu Heritage House with private half day game drive and half day walking safari in Arusha NP

Cheetah Safari: 9-days private tour from Arusha/to Zanzibar

Early Bird Special Offer on bookings made 6 months in advance:


  • Pre or Post-Cheetah Safari one extra night on bed & breakfast at Karibu Heritage House.


Zanzibar Water Sports, Serengeti & Ngorongoro: 15-days private tour from Zanzibar/to Arusha

Early Bird Special Offer on bookings made 6 months in advance:


  • 2 extra nights on bed & breakfast at The Loop Zanzibar.

Budget Safari: 6-days private tour from/to Arusha

Early Bird Special Offer on bookings made 6 months in advance:


  • Pre or Post-Budget Safari one extra night on bed & breakfast at Karibu Heritage House.

Marangu Route Mount Kilimanjaro Climb: 8-days from/to Arusha             

Tanzania Southern Highlights: 9-day fly-in safari from/to Dar es Salaam

  • Tour can start in Arusha (landing at Kilimanjaro International Airport) or Dar es Salaam (landing at Julius K Nyerere International Airport)

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We look forward to hearing from you, and discussing your travel plans and assisting you in the development of your trip. Our goal is to make each and every journey both delightful and memorable.  I suggest and request you to give an opportunity to make your travel enjoyable with us – Africa Travel Bureau.

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I have been in the industry since 1980's and have been continually recognized and introduced innovative ideas for the success of my company. From my more than 30 years of travelling experience around the world, all corners of Tanzania and from favourite destination visits like Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Selous, Zanzibar and etc, I have  gained  tremendous and extensive knowledge to facilitates all class of travellers with comfort services.

We want to delight your travel in every possible ways and I am sure that our team of dedicated travel specialists will exceed your thoughts on what customer service should be like and travel more and more with us.

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I once again re-welcome you to travel with us. ‘Karibu Tanzania’ Welcome to Tanzania.

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