Africa Travel Bureau Testimonials



1) “Fantastic. Well planned itinerary, great accommodation and wonderful guide.”Gabi W. ..

2) “Michael did a wonderful job with our itinerary. We exchanged very many emails over many weeks before we arrived at the final version and all the time Michael was very responsive. Within Tanzania the organisaion was just as efficient. On the few occassions the unexpected occurred we found the people on the ground very attentive and quick to respond. ATB’s expert and personalised service gave us the experience we had dreamed .Graham F ..

3) “Very professional and we always got answer in 24 hours.”Jannik L.

4) “This Africa trip was a true adventure, a trip of a lifetime! We saw zillions of animals (lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, gnu, hyena, hippos, rhinos, crocodiles, zebras, flamingo, etc) and birds. They were everywhere.”Bruce & Jackie E. ..

5) “What an amazing experience we had in Tanzania. The volume of animals we saw was beyond our expectations, the accommodation you organised was top class and the people are so generous of spirit we were always greeted with a smile and the pride they have for their country was clearly obvious.”Michael B. ..

6) “You did a great job making sure you understood what kind of trip we wanted while planning our itinerary, and I was just as impressed when we got to Tanzania. I feel that the guide can often “make or break” a safari– and I felt Said did a great job. He spotted many animals and did not rely on radio contacts with other guides.”Christine S ..

7) “What an amazing trip!! Nzuri Sana! Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience…ATB definitely delivered the goods. Our trip was well-organized, and we very much enjoyed the time with Richard, our guide/driver. Jae was able to pick up a fair bit of Swahili from Richard.”Michael K. ..

8) “We got other quotes, but ATB was very competitive and we were drawn to their philosophy and the fact that the tour operation runs alongside a local charitable organization that educates and sponsors orphans. They were excellent, and it was just Fiona, me and our guide, Richard – who was GREAT!”Dan D. ..

9) “My son and I had a great time in Tanzania. Thanks for all your help.Don G ..

10) “ATB planned the best Africa trip we have taken in over 20 years of visiting East Africa nearly every year. Their personalized service and great attention to detail distinguished them from the pack. They came through in every way, and graciously provided the attention we needed. Incredible, easy, professional. I had been to Africa before but was not sure how my wife would do. ATB made everything perfect. We never had a worry, always had fun, and were continuously amazed!”Tim D. ..

11) “Working with ATB was great! We wanted a personal, customized, intimate experience from start to finish, and ATB delivered exactly that.”Shelli N. ..

12) “Excellent. Very helpful and efficient.”Elaine U. ..

13) “We were very pleased with ATB. They made every effort to understand and provide to us the experience and type of accommodations we wished to have. Our questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. The trip could not have gone more smoothly.”Randy M. ..

14) “Excellent. Everything came off precisely as planned. We were never in doubt about anything, and they took great care for our both our enjoyment and our comfort throughout.”Richard M. ..

15) “Very positive. Well planned and executed trip.”David F. ..

16) “A professional well run company with a background of helping regular Tanzanians.”Robert L. ..

17) “Excellent. Professional, prompt, accessible. A 5-star company.”Joanne H. ..

18) “Excellent staff. Richard was extremely responsive in planning the trip. I had certain things I did and didn’t want to do, he tailored our experience accordingly (and with keeping our budget in mind). The trip was perfectly proportioned, mostly because of him. Our guide on the ground, Wilfred, spent 12 days with us. We couldn’t have asked for someone better. We became comfortable companions, easily sitting together in silence over long drives or telling stories during dinner. He didn’t wait for us to ask something, he anticipated our needs. Tim F. ..

19) “Very professional and reliable. They provided a wonderful experience overall and vehicles and guides were excellent.”

20) Excellent above average planning and follow up. All questions were answered and explained. I was impressed!”Phyllis L. ..

21) “Very well run – easy to communicate, well constructed itinerary, good website, great guide good accommodations/food.”Sumit A. ..

22) “Very easy to work with. Accommodating. Very professional.”Roy K. ..

23) “Michale was always ready to listen and address our questions. She has a warm friendly way of connecting with us. I am a bit sad that I didn’t get to meet her in person. Richard was most pleasant. I never felt I couldn’t ask a question. He was keen at spotting game and giving details about most any wildlife situation. He provided a reference guide that was fascinating. He drove carefully and respectfully not only of his passengers but also of the environment. atricia W. ..

24) “Fantastic! Loved the help from Richard before we ever got on a plane, and the on the ground logistics were so seamless that we had to do nothing but relax and enjoy our vacation. I literally feel like the 5 days we were with ATB, I did not have to worry about one single thing.”Mudit J.

25) “Very professional tour operator. Provided helpful recommendations and graciously accommodated a schedule change. We felt very confident heading on our first trip to Africa due to the preparations and guidance provided by ATB. From the moment we landed, Richard managed our trip in a fun, yet very professional manner. If someone wants to have a once in a lifetime trip to Tanzania, ATB is your answer!”Stephanie M. ..

26) “Excellent. The entire planning process was great and the actual travel experience was wonderful.”Jenny L. ..

27) “Pre-planning was easy and we really liked the flexibility to customize our safari.”David C. ..

28) “ATB was professional, quick to respond to questions, very accessible, knowledgeable and took care of every detail for us.”

29) “Competent and customer oriented approach. From the first contacts you really have the feeling that they are there to help and support you, understanding your needs and wishes. ATB is a serious company, they also have sound and good values that come out from how they treat their employee, guides, and maintains their vehicles.”Alberto & Patrizia C. ..

30) “Excellent! We loved every minute of the trip. Ray was an excellent guide who has a wealth of knowledge and is a wonderful person as well. It was truly the trip of a lifetime that lived up to our high expectations!! The information provided ahead for planning was very helpful and it was apparent that Michael and the rest of the company have a lot of knowledge about the country and all of the possible sites. Also Access was very responsive to any questions we had.”Samantha H. ..

31) “Overall, we had a very good impression of ATB as a company. ATB had been undoubtedly very customer-oriented, which was evident from the very beginning of the tour, that is, booking. The extra mile ATB spent on calls to understand our requirements and then come up with the final itinerary was ver assuring. Terence W.

32) “Very knowledgeable, excellent customer service, and committed to providing a great travel experience to customers and giving back to the people of Tanzania.”James and S

33) “Very professional company. They offered personalized attention from the beginning. I liked that they have a presence in GERMANY and Tanzania. Richard was very responsive and really tailored my trip according to what I wanted to see/do.”Megan S. ..

34) “The best operator with excellent knowledge of Tanzania. They cater to your wishes and execute it well.”Lakshana R. ..

35) “Excellent! Good advice and suggestions were made about where to go and what to see and do. Overall, a very well organized agency that provided relevant information when planning an “out of the ordinary” trip! Staff members were readily available to answer questions and make suggestions. Our trip went off without a hitch! Very, very well organized and was extremely impressed with every aspect of this company!! I would recommend to anyone interested in booking a safari to Tanzania to go thru ATB! The Guides we dealt with were wonderful!”C Jeannine B. ..

36) “My overall impression of ATB is excellent. Richard was incredibly helpful when planning the trip, and our guide Godwin was great. Both Godwin and Fred were very professional, listened to our wants and needs, and really worked hard to create the best possible experience for my dad and I.”Chana S. ..

37) “Every detail was covered and questions and concerns were answered and addressed. This made for an amazing experience. Richard was so helpful in the planning part, really made it easy for us. Once there, Fred took over and we were in excellent hands. We had such a fabulous, fun, informative and impactful trip. We could not have done it without the full ATB team. Wilfred was also great on last day in Arusha. You had us so well taken care of!!”Lisa R. ..

38) “Loved it! Professionalism, knowledge & humor from our guide. Couldn’t have asked for better!”Annette C. ..

39) “Tim and I were extremely impressed with ATB from our initial phone contact with Michael to the moment Godwin dropped us off at the airport. Michael clearly listened to the type of safari and level of comfort we were looking for and delivered more than we ever hoped for. Our guide, Godwin, was superb. He was extremely informative and personable, and was always in the right place at the right time! Everything was seamless and worry free. This extended on to our visit to Zanzibar Patricia R. ..

40) “Well organized, professional, knowledgeable and honest.”Paul & Ailbish B. ..

41) “ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!!! Everything was absolutely perfect, starting from planning the itinerary to the actual trip.”Marina C. ..

42) “ATB has been incredible from start to finish! Cannot recommend them enough!”Jessica H. ..

43) “A wonderful company! From start to finish, a great experience!”Joanne P. ..

44) “Having read the excellent reviews online, we were initially impressed that ATB seemed exceptionally well organized, caring, and affordable. From our initial phone conversations through the final conference call, Michale proved to be an excellent planner who considered our preferences but also offered helpful suggestions and explanations. We appreciated his careful listening, prompt responses, and ability to customize our safari.”SGermanyn and Walter B. ..

45) “I was very happy with everything about our trip. The guidance we received before we left was very helpful. The accommodations were very unique and comfortable. And I can’t say enough good things about our guide, Willy. He was so knowledgeable about the animals, the land, and the Masai culture. He was very professional but also very easy going and fun.”Patty M. ..

46) “ATB provided a safari experience that exceeded expectations. Pre-safari preparations through communication with our consultant aided in creating a tailor-made experience for us. He answered our questions, assisted us with visas, and advised us about details of a safari adventure. This resulted in game drives that were spectacular, the additional activities that were very impressive, and safe and comfortable accommodations. The most important element in making our safari incredible, however, was our guide, He was very patient with all of our questions, knowledgeable about the animals and … Melinda Y. ..

47) “Flawless!”Carole A. ..

48) “It is a great company! Staff are most helpful in orienting us to Tanzania, safari, and traveling to Africa. This year we appreciated the email regarding plastic bags. We are impressed with ATBs generosity in meeting needs within Africa. Michael is great to work with and helps make planning for a group a joy.”

49) “It would be impossible to describe our complete satisfaction in a short survey. I can’t promise ATB is the best because I have not done another safari, but I can promise there are none better. It was far beyond our expectations – the weather, the animals, the lodging and most especially, our guide. Godwin was professional, friendly, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. He has the eyes of an eagle – he spotted game with his eyes that we could not see with 8X binoculars! He is truly amazing and he guided Steve & Kristy G. ..

50) “I was impressed by the quick response to any question/concern I had. The pre-booking . The pre-trip conversation was invaluable in preparing us for what to expect. I would recommend this company very highly.”Joan S. ..

51) “Awesome! From the initial phone call to talk about what we were looking for, to the first day’s drive, through to the accommodation and waving goodbye to Msuya at the airstrip everything was beyond our expectation. Thank you.”Steven S. ..

52) “Very professional and knowledgeable.”Leonard N. ..

53) “Wonderful! Very professional and caring, genuine guides.”Jessica Y. ..

54) “Great!”Alaina A. ..

55) “Overall, Richard and Willy were outstanding.”Don and Jamie G. ..

56) “Very knowledgeable & helpful. They took care of all the details.”Frank P. ..

57) “Absolutely Fantastic!”Kelley L. ..

58) “Awesome!”

59) “Overall, we felt that ATB provided a great service in the vacation planning process, in that everything was taken care of from the moment we stepped into Tanzania. We also felt very prepared going in about what we should expect and what we should bring. The multiple calls helped to reassure us that we weren’t wasting money.”Albert T. ..

60) “Very helpful and knowledgeable about what to see and do on a safari in Tanzania. Answered all questions in a timely manner. Details for trip were handled well and we encountered no issues with accommodations or guides etc. I would highly recommend ATB for anyone planning a trip to Tanzania.”Claire B. ..

61) “Wonderful experience.”Kay D. ..

62) “The company is outstanding! Our safari was everything we asked for, and more. The itinerary was well-organized, and we thought the pre-trip communication was excellent. Traveling with a small company like ATB allows more personalized service, like the telephone calls to discuss the itinerary, and the pre-departure call. Everything is done to put travelers at ease in case they have concerns about going to Africa. Anyone unprepared for the experience has only themselves to blame!”Frances L. ..

63) “Our small group of 4 women had a wonderful safari adventure trip. I would highly recommend ATB!”Valera R. ..

64) “High quality company with good on the ground presence (in Tanzania) as well as a US sales/service office”Jack L. ..

65) “Excellent. We felt we picked the right company from start to finish!”Carolynn C. ..

66) “Absolutely amazing! Professional. True to their word.”Michelle H. ..

67) “They were easy to work with and well organized, with helpful suggestions.”Lee Ann Z. ..

68) “Absolutely excellent!! The safari and the time at Zanzibar for myself, my 3 sisters and their husbands was “A trip of a lifetime”!! My husband is sorry now that he did not come.”

69) “I was very satisfied with all the communications we had with Michael. The plans were clear, and she met all my requirements in terms of lodging. The service was very professional and made my trip very easy.”Baiba C. ..

70) “Highly organized and efficient.”Jeric V. ..

71) “Excellent! Extremely professional in every regard.”Gina C. ..

72) “An excellent company from the very first phone call I felt like Michael was going to make our adventure perfect.”Kelly R. ..

73) “Great response time, easy to work with, open to changes and suggestions.”Marianne G. ..

74) “WONDERFUL”Frances Z. ..

75) “A small company that provides outstanding customer service at competitive pricing”Melissa A. ..

76) “Very impressed with everything.”Antje E. ..

77) “Excellent. Organised, professional, punctual and experienced guide.”Patricia D. ..

78) “We have traveled with other companies in various parts of the world. It was a pleasure to experience a Company that followed through with what was promised. We loved how organized everything was with ATB. Kudos to all the staff both here and in Tanzania.”

79) “Consultation was awesome, it made planning the trip far easier than any other company that we attempted to work with. Everything ATB did went perfectly and was awesome. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”Simon I. ..

80) “Very impressed. Company paid excellent attention to detail — both in pre-planning and in the day-to-day itinerary. We could tell the staff knew what questions and concerns we would have before we even expressed them. We felt very comfortable relying on them to look after us.”John B. ..

81) “Top notch. Great guides. No hitches. All went better than our expectations”Terry M. ..

82) “Very professional in all aspects. Good and clean car and with a very knowledgeable guide and driver. The accommodation was very much in line with the description given prior to the trip. We are very satisfied with the trip and the discussions and advice received before the trip.”Mikael G.

83) “ATB is an excellent company. The personalized service we received from Richard helped us tailor a safari and our time in Zanzibar to our preferences. We felt confident going into the trip that everything would be handled in a professional and expeditious manner. This was confirmed from the moment we landed in Zanzibar until we departed from Arusha.”Brad B. ..

84) “Very easy to organize the trip and make changes! We experienced a mistake in the booking process during the first part of the trip, but once it was resolved everything else was flawless.”Jessica R. ..

85) “Extremely knowledgeable and professional, Richard listening carefully to our needs and worked collaboratively with us to design a fantastic safari.”Lis and Gary S. ..

86) “Absolutely wonderful. I enjoyed the entire experience from the first point of contact. I will definitely be recommending.”Kelly B. ..

87) “Excellent I appreciated the contact before the trip and the information supplied to help prepare for the trip. (ie cultural info/packing tips) Richard was timely in answering emails and easy to deal with. The itinerary really was well thought out and was well suited for the group. It is a timetable that I would recommend to anyone. I wasn’t the main organizer so can only answer for my direct contact but I found the organisation and professionalism to be excellent.”Alison S. ..

88) “Excellent – high quality customer service provided throughout both from Richard and out guide in Tanzania, Danny.”Clare B.

89) “Great company! Love that you employ your guides and the company give back to the community.”Ebony T. ..

90) “Great, friendly and helpful people.”Vishnu J. ..

91) “Positive … everything was as expected.”Todd F. ..

92) “ATB set up a very enjoyable adventure for us and provided us with an awesome safari guide. Everything about our trip was wonderful.”Caroline R. ..

93) “We loved our itinerary and the ease of planning of the overall trip. The itinerary was spot on for the amount of time we were in Tanzania.”Nick B. ..

94) “Outstanding. Pre-travel arrangements with Richard were excellent, matching requirements where we knew what these were and proposing options where we did not – even when at the last minute we had to change our dates. In-country: amazing. With Fred as our guide we felt totally at ease with everything we encountered and he made the safari amazing with his skills and knowledge.”Mike K.

95) “The company had been professional starting from sales process until the last minute in our trip. During the trip we can easily say that we didn’t get disturbed with anything which is above expectations in such a complicated trip. Our guide was superb-Jaffrey-“Ali Can U. (Turkey)

96) “Everything was wonderful!”amie H. ..

97) “Excellent!”Nancy and Tom A. ..

98) “Very well organized. Exceeded our expectations. Michael did a fantastic job of picking accommodations to meet our needs. Ray was an incredible guide! He was very knowledgeable, professional and an overall pleasant person to spend our week with. I am very satisfied with the decision we made to use ATB as out tour guide company!”Erin C. ..

99) “It was my second time within 7 years, that I did a safari with ATB. Both times, I was very satisfied about the consulting, the organisation and the safari itself. ATB knows how the world goes in Tanzania. Beside the consulting also the guide and the equipment (vehicle, binoculars etc.) was very good. The chosen Lodges were also as expected (mix bungalows and tent)”Edwin F.

100) “We are very pleased with ATB and have already recommended you to friends who are considering a safari. We like the facts that your company supports your non-profit, that you have permanent guides, that we could pay by personal check, and that Michael listened and responded to our travel preferences. The planning process was great fun. We mentioned especially enjoying nice views from lodgings, and every place we stayed had those.”Betty G. ..

101) “Amazing experience. Everything was well organised and ran smoothly. The staff we dealt with was wonderful.”Amie E. ..

102) “Very fine. Especially when on the tour itself.”Fr Geoffrey F. ..

103) “Excellent in providing information needed for the trip and services provided for the trip.”Tom G. ..

104) “ATB was, in a word, FANTASTIC! The pre-trip planning was thorough. We got great advice on where to go and what to do. The trip itself was pretty much flawless. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.”Dan C. ..

105) “Incredibly helpful, professional, knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, reliable!!!”Monica S.

106) “Fantastic, everything ran smoothly, our problems in Zanzibar were fixed without fuss.”Karrina M.

107) “Very pleased. ATB clearly respects Africa (Tanzania) #1, and knows how to help first time travelers to Africa prepare to travel, respect local customs and enjoy a lifetime experience. I respect that your drivers are all ATB employees not contract guides. We asked them about working for ATB and they were enthusiastic about achieving a very good job with a good company. They were responsive to our group, personable in every way, and let us know through occasional humor that they enjoyed us and their work.

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