Without a doubt, the most famous coastal destination in Tanzania is Zanzibar. The Zanzibar consists of more than 50 islets and two large islands, that is Pemba and the main island of Zanzibar known as Unguja.

On Zanzibar Island is the capital, Zanzibar City, and its historic centre, Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With miles of soft white sand and warm, turquoise waters, Zanzibar is a paradise where prevailing trade winds and exotic charms have captivated travellers for more than a thousand years.

Zanzibar offers a range of accommodation options and activities, whether you are seeking outdoor adventure or seaside relaxation. Scuba dive in the warm, clear waters where visibility often exceeds 30m, swim among darting reef fish and playful dolphins, enjoy a spa treatment or savour a cocktail on the beach. With palm trees framing your view of sand, sea and lateen-rigged dhows, you can exhale and be soothed by the balmy onshore breeze.

Zanzibar offers discovery of the rich history and melting pot of cultures in Stone Town. Here, you’ll find winding alleys echoing with taarab music, magnificently carved wooden doors and warm, welcoming people eager to greet.


Kenya South Coast shares the exotic Swahili culture and natural beauty. Some exceptional spots north of Mombasa include Kilifi, Malindi, Watamu and Lamu. South of Mombasa, a string of resorts offer everything from kitesurfing and underwater safaris to leisurely beach days and cultural visits to Swahili ruins.

Diani Beach, regularly named one of the world’s best beaches, is the most famous of the seaside towns scattered between Mombasa and the Tanzanian border. Here, travellers can visit the Colobus Conservation primate sanctuary and Kaya Kinondo, the only kaya that’s open to visitors. Marine parks and reserves protect a rich diversity of aquatic life, from corals and tropical fishes to turtles and the mighty-yet-mild whale shark.

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