1.We support local community-based projects and small-scale businesses and try to ensure that they secure a fair share of the benefits that carefully managed tourism can reap.
2.We try to focus on low impact routing of travel around the host country, avoiding destinations that are likely to be adversely affected by our visitors.
3.We endeavour to make clear and transparent arrangements with our partners and make every effort to avoid exploiting them.
4.We don’t feature suppliers that we consider are likely to damaging to the local environment, or to treat the local cultures insensitively.
5.We try to ensure that at least one member of our team has visited every place that we send our travellers to.
6.We are always honest in our advice to travellers. We try to give our travellers the most realistic picture possible of what their trip will be like – as we believe that matching expectations to the local reality, and then exceeding these expectations, is the way to ensure consistently excellent trips.
7.We try to provide our travellers with as much relevant information on the destination, culture, traditions, local economy and sensitive areas as we can
8.We place great emphasis on informing our visitors through good local guides who can pass on local information and provide an insight into the host destination in a culturally sensitive manner.
9.We don’t employ foreigners to guide visitors around our destination we sell. we believe that locals usually do a better job.
10.We will encourage our travellers to improve their knowledge of the destination prior to departure – to enable them to be informed of any cultural or environmental issues arising in their destination.
11.We will donate money to charities who are in need of extra funding.

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