MafiaTanzania Mafia Island

Located 120km or a 20 minute flight  south  of  Dar  es  Salaam,  Mafia Island is one of the most exciting    diving    and    fishing    areas  in  the  world.  The major tourist    activities    are    scuba    diving,     big     game     fishing,     snorkelling, beach and offshore excursions; it is a paradise for fishermen,   divers   and   water   sport lovers.  The  water  is  beautifully  transparent  with  fantastic  views  of  the  unspoiled coral reef; the variety of the coral permits an unimaginable quantity of fish, with diving and snorkelling sites just a short boat ride away. Chole Bay and  its  surrounding  forests  and  islands  are  now  within  the  protected  Mafia  Island Marine Park. With its fi ne sandy beaches, swaying palms and lush vegetation, Mafia is the ideal  spot  to  relax  and  unwind  after  a  great  African  safari.  Isolated  islets  and  beaches,  lagoons,  coves  and  channels  provide  many  private  swimming  and  picnicking  hideaways.  Chole Bay is perfect for windsurfing and laser sailing.  Birdlife  is  excellent  and  very  different  to  the  mainland  parks  that  guests  may  have  visited.  The  tidal  flats  and  mangroves  are  always  alive  with  coastal  and  sea birds and there are many colourful woodland and forest species

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